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Thank you for all your submissions for Sonography Week.  We received many photos, testimonials and ideas of how you celebrate this great profession.  Winners of the lunch bags will  receive their prize by mail shortly.  Congratulations to everyone, we hope you enjoyed the week.

      Want to win a Sonography Canada lunch bag? 

Show us what you are doing to celebrate Sonography Week, send us your pictures and comments.  We also want your stories about what you do and how you make a difference.  We will be drawing this daily prize from the feedback we get.  Use our Facebook page or email us.

Great idea!!

Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops BC keeps a book of interesting cases and gets together twice a year and shares them with each other.

Pride in Teamwork!

"I have always thought sonography to be a challenging but very rewarding career.  I have always felt very fortunate that I get to work independently but also within a team.  It is always nice to have a second set of eyes....and that is what happens often at the RGH and Pasqua hospitals.....we support each other and strive to be our best and make our colleagues better.  We are all about the patient and the patient experience.  We have great morale and many compliments on our work and the care we give our patients.  I am very fortunate to lead the team I work with and I feel very strongly about making them be the best they can be."
Milissa Rodgers, CRGS, CRVS, RDMS, RVT
Ultrasound Working Supervisor/Student Coordinator Regina General Hospital
Regina, Sask 

Meaningful Celebrations!

 To celebrate Sonography Week, students from Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences hosted a bake sale and raffle ticket at the school with proceeds going to the SickKids Hospital in Toronto.

 Meng Yuan, a first year student says “this is our first Sonography Week, we were all excited about it and all of us had fun and feel that we have celebrated it in a meaningful way. We are grateful to be welcomed as student members of Sonography Canada and we are looking forward to becoming proud Canadian medical diagnostic sonographers in the near future.”


Great testimonial! 

"As a proud Canadian Sonographer for the past twenty years, I feel I proudly identify myself with many of the skillsets I have learned throughout my career.  Daily I strive to maintain a professionalism that defines me as a sonographer in both my professional and personal life.  As sonographers we interact with all generations and personalities which I feel makes my daily life fulfilling and rewarding.  My career is never routine or mundane.
Continuously I am challenged to adapt to changes in technology and department regulations.  As my career has advanced, I have taken on many new challenges and responsibilities.  Mentoring future sonographers has been one of my newest challenges for the past 5 years.  I truly believe students and new graduates teach me just as many mportant skills as I do for them.  I absolutely love what I do and I feel honoured that Sonography Canada celebrates this week each and every year!" - 
Janet Wilbee, CRGS

Check out this agenda from CNIH!

Kandis DeColle, CRGS, CRCS-AE may be on holidays in Czech Republic, but she took a moment to send this photo.

Sonographers working hard and celebrating Sonography Week at McMaster Children's Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario.

(In photo:  Michelle Silveira, CRCS, Carlos Barrios, CRCS-AE/PE,  Annette Page, Becky Fiddler)

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Sonography Week 2016 - Day 7 – Wrap Up

While we have taken this week to talk and celebrate Sonography we want to continue the conversation throughout the year and build the tools you need to help you increase awareness and understanding for your role and your value inside and outside the medical community.  Now you have the information to help answer the question when someone says “what’s a Sonographer?”   We hope you have enjoyed celebrating Sonography Week.    

Sonography Week 2016 - Day 6 – Better Healthcare

As a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer you are an integral part of the healthcare team, playing a critical role by providing important diagnostics that underpin better healthcare. From detecting a thyroid nodule, to performing post-operative assessment of a renal transplant, or assessing a bicuspid aortic valve, sonographers are an integral part of the health care team and contribute every day to enhancing patient care and outcomes.   

Sonography Week 2016 - Day 5 - Enhanced Imaging and Diagnostics is Improved Outcomes

As a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer you make a real difference for patient outcomes.  If Sonography Canada's roughly 5,000 active diagnostic medical sonographers across Canada perform an average of 40 diagnostics a week, that results in more than ten million diagnostic medical sonography procedures performed each year.

Sonography Week 2016 - Day 4 - Sonographers are Medical Professionals
Did you know a Sonographer's proficiency is based on more than 160 competencies outlined in the National Competency Profiles?  Sonographers must have an educational background strong in ultrasound physics, anatomy, physiology, and pathology.  Show us what you are doing to celebrate Sonography Week, send us your pictures and comments.  We also want your stories about what you do and how you make a difference.  Use our Facebook page or email us.

Sonography Week 2016 - Day 3 - Sonographers Continue Learning

Did you know Sonography Canada accredited 262 learning opportunities offered to members in 2015 representing 4,201 hours of continuing education opportunities?  Why? Because diagnostic medical sonographers are committed to updating their skills and are required to maintain national credentials through continuing education opportunities.

As a Canadian diagnostic medical sonographer you can justifiably be proud of the high quality standards of practice you employ every day.  
Here's why: 
Sonography Week 2016 - Day 2 - Sonographers Hold National Credentials

Welcome to Sonography Week 2016 - Day 1
You make a difference!  What are you doing this week to celebrate?  Post your ideas/photos/comments on our Facebook page or email us.