Written Certification Examinations for the Canadian Sonographer

Exams are based upon the content of the National Competency Profile for Sonography. Certain competencies from within the NCP have been identified as "examinable", as determined by their importance, their frequency-of-use, and the format of the exam. A bank of exam questions has been developed to assess the examinable competencies, using standardized test-development methods. Each time an exam takes place, different questions will be used, and psychometric analysis will be applied to ensure that the exam is valid, reliable and free from bias.

All exams are computer based and completed in secure, proctored facilities.

All exam questions are in multiple-choice format, and many will be based upon images. Candidates have the opportunity to move through the exam at their own pace (subject to the overall time limit), to answer questions, to skip questions, to flag questions for later review, and to change their responses until they exit the exam. The use of textbooks, notes, other resource materials or candidate provided calculators will not be allowed. Candidates will not have access to the Internet while they are writing the exam.


Sonography Canada offers its Core and Generalist (Ob/Gyn, Abdomen/Superficial Structures, and Generalist Vascular) exams in both English and French. The Vascular exam is also available in both languages however, our Cardiac exam is currently only available in English.

For candidates who wish to write the Sonography Canada Exams in English but are non-native English speakers, Sonography Canada recommends a minimum Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 80 within the last two years.