Professional Liability Insurance for Sonographers

Sonography Canada (SC) is pleased to provide sonographers with specialized Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) designed specifically to respond to today's emerging sonography professional practice risks. Working in partnership with BMS Group, SC has developed a PLI policy that provides sonographers with the comprehensive coverage they need at the most competitive rate available.

Your SC PLI policy includes:

▷             $5.0 million per claim limit / $5.0 million limit per policy year;

▷             Maternity / parental leave extension automatically included at no additional cost;

▷             Automatic 10-year extended reporting period coverage at no additional cost to protect you into retirement; 

▷             Pro bono legal advice services, risk management resources, and much more.

All for a low annual cost of $80.

Attention Graduate Students: Take advantage of a 50% discount on your insurance cost through the SC program.

To learn more about the ENHANCED SC Professional Liability insurance policy check out:

Sonography Canada Insurance Program - More Coverage, Less Premium


The importance of having your own personal PLI coverage cannot be over-emphasized. If you are ever involved in a claim, you should have your own PLI coverage and defence available to protect your reputation and livelihood.

While the Professional Liability coverage offered by employers, unions, or other organizations is often tied to place of employment and may have important restrictions, SC’s PLI policy protects you wherever you work or volunteer in Canada and throughout your full scope of practice as a sonographer. Practice in confidence knowing that your SC PLI policy will protect you against Civil claims alleging professional negligence, error or omission, and will respond to defend you against complaints made to your regulatory body.

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As provincial regulation of sonography is enacted, the regulatory college will require all sonographer members to have Professional Liability Insurance coverage. The SC PLI program was specifically designed to meet today's emerging sonography professional practice risks. The SC policy provides individual limits of coverage that meet or exceed all proposed regulatory requirements.

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To obtain coverage under the SC PLI package, you must be a member in good standing of Sonography Canada or a new graduate student from an accredited Canadian sonography education program. The discounted insurance rates negotiated by Sonography Canada with BMS Group and the insurance providers are an exclusive SC membership benefit.

For information on SC membership and to become a member, please visit: SC Membership.


Graduate PLI is intended to provide interim coverage to a new graduate from an accredited program for the period from graduation until they have become fully credentialed by Sonography Canada. The conditions of eligibility are:

▷             Work must be supervised during the period covered by Graduate interim insurance.

▷             Coverage is for a maximum period of up to 4 years from the date of graduation and cannot be extended.

▷             Insurance coverage will automatically switch to full insurance coverage upon being awarded a Sonography Canada credential, at which time the condition of needing to work under supervision is lifted. Graduate Interim insurance coverage is not extendable.

Take advantage of a 50% discount on your insurance cost through the SC program.


SC members: Professional Liability Insurance Application and Payment forms

Graduate Students: Graduate Interim PLI Application and Payment forms


To learn more about the SC Insurance program, including: Professional Liability Insurance, Cyber Security & Privacy Liability, and Business Insurance for sonographers here check out: or or contact BMS Group at 1-844-583-7748.

For information regarding membership or PLI please contact Sonography Canada directly at 1-888-273-6746 or e-mail: