Membership in Sonography Canada is required in order to maintain Sonography Canada issued credentials in good standing.

To maintain your membership in Sonography Canada, members are required to pay their annual fees by April 30th each year and to maintain the required number of continuing professional development (CPD) credits in accordance with the Sonography Canada CPD Policy.

Effective May 1, 2014, those members who do not have Canadian credentials are also required to maintain the same number of continuing medical education credits as Canadian credentialed members.


If for any reason the dues have not been paid by May 1st they are considered in arrears and a $25.00 late fee will be levied. A notice will be sent out to the member. If the renewal fee is not paid by July 1st the member’s status becomes "Interim" and a 60-day late fee of $75.00 will be applied.

In the event that the fees are still not paid by November 1st, the member's membership in Sonography Canada will be terminated and their Sonography Canada credentials revoked. Reinstatement as a member will be subject to the Reinstatement Policy.

Members who are non-compliant with the CPD Policy are not able to renew their membership until such time as they are able to demonstrate compliance with the CPD policy. This will result in the delay of the member's dues payment and resultant additional fees or loss of membership as noted above.


Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) runs from May 1st to Apr. 30th.  In the event that PLI premiums are not paid in full by April 30th, the member is no longer covered by PLI until both dues and insurance premiums are paid in full.