Volunteer Opportunities

Sonography Canada runs on the energy and commitment of volunteers from the profession.   Not only is volunteering a great way to give back to the profession, but your contributions will be recognized through earning CPD credits for your participation.

Board of Directors: Are volunteers who let their names stand for election by the members.

National Committees: There are five national committees appointed by and reporting to the Board of Directors.  These cover the areas of Professional Practice, Examination Committee, Awards, National Educational Advisory Committee, and the CJMS Editorial Board.  Information on these committees is available by going to National Committees.

Exam Item Writing: The quality of our Credentialing exams relies on having a rich bank of questions, which we call “items” from which to draw exams.   We need sonographers willing to write questions and to peer review them. For more information click HERE.

Article Writing: The Journal is always on the hunt for articles of relevance.  There is plenty of support available to help anyone who wants to contribute an article to the Journal.